Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lectures, videos and slides – loads more free resources from recent conference presentations

All my material is given away free (except for recent books which publishers understandably are sensitive about appearing online). You will find 40 more video clips on http://www.youtube.com/pjvdixon and also on Google Video (both now owned by Google so expect integrated listings sometime soon.

See http://www.globalchange.com/videolist.htm .

You will also find loads of new presentations (slides) on http://www.globalchange.com/ppt .

Other new resources can be found from the main page http://www.globalchange.com

Many are shocked that it is all available free but that’s the way the online world works. The days of subscription sites and restricted access premium pay areas are over – so last century. The spirit of the age is a community spirit where everyone helps each other and where the world combines to make amazing things happen. www.wikipedia.com is a wonderful example of this so-called Web 2.0 dimension.

Of course, if you have very limited intellectual capital then you will be worried at giving what you have away . Some speakers won’t even allow their slide sets out of their sight, while others make a total ban on videos being recorded of their lectures unless the distribution rights are strictly controlled. For me it is the other way round. I encourage recording wherever I can – but only on one condition which is that the entire presentation is then given away to the world.

The future is about being live, not recorded. That’s the future for musicians, and also lecturers, teachers, and others who stand up in front of audiences. Just look at the boom of festivals in cities around the world – an antidote to the video age. In an increasingly virtual world people want to breathe the same air, to experience the same thing, to be present at the same event. And of course one of the most important parts of any conference is not hearing a set piece pre-created package, but hearing a speaker weave material together in a unique way, responding to the mood and interest of the audience, engaging with their own questions and challenges.

Something extraordinary happens when you are PRESENT. The human brain engages in a totally different way and new mental connections are made that would never happen from just watching a programme on TV. Of course some speakers engage, and others don’t. And that is where the elusive magic happens. Great presentations are about persuasion, not mere information. They draw the person in, and take them on a journey to a new kind of thinking, a fresh perspective on the world. Yes a great book or video can do the same – but it is always an uphill battle compared to being in a live audience, where it happens together to everyone. Elusive, hard to define but the impact can be awesome.

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Sunday, June 17, 2007

New list of all videos on Global Change site - by Dr Patrick Dixon

Here is today's up to date list of videos on Google and YouTube - but not including ones on our own Global Change site. Since some of these videos have been downloaded and are therefore in public circulation we have do not know how many have viewed these videos on total. The original RealVideo collection of around 50 videos on the Global Change site has been seen we think by around 250,000 people over the last few years.

Future of phones, computers, consumer choices and lifestyle changes in emerging markets - staged multimedia event for 450 of MTN's global leadership team - South Africa 2007.

Future customer trends, consumers, marketing, products and services - event for 350 clients of Siemens, mostly Chief Technology Offices, or Chief Information Officers, from multinationals.

How the future of America will be dominated by older consumers, lifestyle choices and growth of financial and political power of senior citizens - presentation for national leadership team of AARP (American association for people over the age of 50) - 2005..

Future technology trends and what people really want - personally and in business - seminar for 25 leaders at Dimension Data in Johannesburg with video-linked audiences in three other site - 2007.

The Future of Education - lecture for 100 Head Teachers of US high schools (NAIS). What kind of education do tomorrow's citizens need? How does the way we teach people need to change? What kind of world do we need to prepare students for? - 2006.

Future trends and their impact on investment banking, fund management and related financial services - Credit Suisse seminar - 2006.

Future of Consumers, Technology and Communications - one hour presentation for 600 clients of Toshiba in Sydney. Major shift, new fashions and fads, convergence and divergence and the need to make a difference - 2006.

Future of the European Petrochemical Industry - logistics and supply chain - half hour keynote presentation for the European Petrochemical Association (EPCA). This is an example of a highly customised presentation for a specific audience - 2007.

How to Make Great Things Happen - presentation for 250 government workers organised by the Welsh Parliament (Assembly). Participants from health, education, police, fire services, social services, transport. Keys to effective leadership, change management and improved productivity - 2007.

Take Hold of Your Future - technology and other major trends affecting the future of large cororporations. Event for 2,000 clients of Fujitsu Siemens - 2005.

Futurewise - Six Faces of Global Change and the Future of Banking - keynote lecture to 400 financial intermediaries of UBS, with focus on fund management, financial services and wealth management - 2006.

Future of medicine, biotechnology, health care, the pharmaceutical industry - and related trends - biotech investors conference in Switzerland - 2003.

Future of Logistics, Distribution, Global Transportation and other Trends - client event for IBS - 2005.

Future of digital technology and other global trends - client event for 2000 CIOs and CTOs of Fujitsu Siemens on major trends and their impact on multinational business - not only in technology - 2006

Dr Patrick Dixon chairing conferences and running panel interviews

Google Zeitgeist CEO Summit - 5 minute intro of session on future of entertainment, media, advertising, online communities such as YouTube and perhaps the ultimate consumer experience - space travel with Virgin Galactic

Google Zeitgeist CEO Summit - Chairing session on future of broadcasting and the BBC - guest Mark Thompson, Director General BBC

Google Zeitgeist CEO Summit - Chairing discussion with co-founder of YouTube Chad Hurley - on meteoric rise of YouTube

Google Zeitgeist CEO Summit - Space Tourism and Virgin Galactic - Chairing session with remarkeable video of early flight, discussion and then closing with whole panel of 5 on range of issues relating to entertainment and virtual life

Book Patrick Dixon for an event

Short video clips on major issues


The truth about global warming

Mobile phone radiation - truth about health scares, cancer and other issues

Future of government, politics and single issue activism - radical

Why most new phones will be sold to people on low incomes in poorest nations

Power of tribalism - in conflicts, communities, corporations

How low cost prevention programmes can stop AIDS in Africa

Impact of low cost computers and phones in Africa and Asia

The scandal of unreliable and bug-ridden technology

Urbanisation, demographics and mobile phones in emerging nations

Convergence and divergence in technology products innovation

How mobile phones are having an impact in places like DR Congo

How to lose 30% of your business in 30 seconds

Impact of SMS and mobile phones on life in Africa

Market research - why consumers can't be trusted to give right answers about future

Market research and consumer emotion - listen to your customers but don't believe what they say

Managing uncertainty - wild cards: low probability, high impact events

Why market research does not work - and future of marketing

Human cloning - who is carrying out human cloning research, how it is being done and why. Why investors are moving away from human cloning and human embryo experiments to invest in adult stem cell technology.

Managing rapid change - secret of change management and leadership

Take hold of your future or the future will take hold of you


10 billion computers the size of a grain of sand

Connecting with emotion of customers online

1 billion new consumers - future

Human cloning - part one - who is doing human cloning

Human cloning - part two - why investors don't like cloning

Future of genetic engineering

Future of Ukraine - economy and country

Future of Malaysia Economy

Future of Kazakhstan - economy

Future will be driven by emotion - take hold of your future!

Make It Work! Scandal: technology sold which doesn't work

Motivation, leadership, change management, passion

Mobile phone sales in emerging economies - bottom of pyramid

Why consumers won't wait - impatience online

Can we stop getting old - reverse ageing? New research.

Impact of ageing population in Europe and Russia

Secret of Change Management - by Patrick Dixon

Purpose of fund management - by Patrick Dixon

Fund Management Risks - Potential Crisis - Patrick Dixon

Wild cards - low probability, high impact events

Tribalism - greatest force in world today

Low cost mobile phones in emerging nation / Africa

Why market research gives wrong results - blogging

Mobile phone radiation - health risks - facts

Convergence and Divergence - future technology and consumers

Mobile phone impact on poorest nations

The world is changing faster than you can make decisions

Stopping spread of AIDS in Africa

Truth about global warming and practical answers

Future of Malaysia

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Future of genetic engineering - by Futurist Dr Patrick Dixon

What is genetic engineering? Gene therapy, latest research in health and medical care. Genetic prophecy, genetic transformation. Xenotransplants and genetically modified food. HIV, Sars and Bird Flu - risks of genetic mutation. Video comment by Dr Patrick Dixon author of The Genetic Revolution

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Patrick Dixon in Porto Alegre Brazil - documentary footage

Short slice of raw footage from documentary in Brazil featuring Dr Patrick dixon


Friday, June 08, 2007

Futurewise - lecture for Portugese speaking audience in Porto Alegre Brazil

http://www.globalchange.com/ppt/brazil - full presentation

.. Rápido
¨ Urbano
¨ Tribal
¨ Universal
¨ Radical
¨ Ético
• Quem quer esperar?
• A internet nos fez impacientes
– lift
– Rico em dinheiro/ pobre em tempo
• Lidando com a incerteza
• A emoção afeta o futuro
• Não acredite em pesquisa de mercado
• 1 bilhão de crianças na Asia e África logo serão consumidores
• China – 23 milhões de pessoas à cidades 500 milhões à 800 milhões até 2020
• Migração para as cidades quase não existe mais no Brasil
• 80% do crescimento econômico brasileiro em empresas pequenas e médias
Empresa familiar, que emprega menos de 20 pessoas – tribal business
• A Europa está morrendo
• 65% de todos com idade maior que 65 anos, estão vivendo hoje75% de toda a riqueza dos E.U.A. e da Inglaterra pertence a pessoas com mais de 65 anos
• 1 milhão de pessoas com mais de 90 anos de idade na Itália até 2026
• Podemos parar o envelhecimento ?Quanto tempo gostaríamos de viver?
• Reparos no coração já são uma realidade
• Viver até os 150 anos de idade?
• Ratos estão vivendo o equivalente a 150 anos humanos usando terapias não tóxicas de baixo custo
• Tribos do Football
• Conflitos Tribais
l Islâmico v Cristão
l Palestina
l Kosovo / Bosnia
l Irlanda do norte
l Chechênia
l Ruanda / Burundi
l Brancos v Negros
• A diferença entre ricos e pobres faz aumentar a instabilidade global
• …..de janela do mesmo hotel
• …..de janela do mesmo hotel
• Contrastes podem criar Conflitos
• Liderança tribal à rápida mudança
l As pessoas precisam de tribos
l Sentido de identidade
l Família
l Novas tribos consumidoras
• A questão mais importante
• …Quem Acredita em Publicidade Online?
• Você acredita no Google?
– Propaganda paga?
– Listas do Google?
• Um membro do TripAdvisor, Pittsburgh, 02 de maio de 2005Este é o hotel mais bonito em que já fiquei! Simplesmente perfeito. O serviço também estava perfeito. Nós... membro do TripAdvisor, Chicago, IL, 27 de abril de 2005Essa lua-de-mel foi incrível! Eu sou um membro classe diamante, então usamos pontos para nossa estadia, mas eu...
• Comunidades tomam conta da rede
• Lançado em fevereiro de 2007
• Sem propagandas
• 200 milhões de vídeos vistos por dia
• 12 meses depois foi comprado por US$1.6 bilhões
• Chamada de vídeo: “Qual é a melhor praia para esta noite?”
• Use seres humanos para formar tribos – não robôs!Linhas diretas – e-mail - SMS
• Impacto da Globalização
• India2.3 births per 100Family spends! Lower caste unrest
• Confronto Global de Valores
l Uma cultura ?
l Mesmos valores ?
l Marcas globais ?
• Americana, a imagem sem saúde é um problema
• Os dispositivos ficam menores
• Os dispositivos ficam maiores - novamente
• Link de vídeo 24 horas por dia com custo zero
• A vida é curta demais para se viajar para todas as reuniões
• 53% das vendas de xampú em pacotes de apenas 6ml
• Direcionado para 400 milhões de mulheres de baixa renda
• A explosão do micro financiamento
• 1 milhão de pessoas na Índia usa micro empréstimos
• Primeiro empréstimo = EU1
• Esperada explosão do micro seguro
• Pensando de forma diferente
• Novas formas de políticas
• Todo o tema se torna um regulamento
l Liberdade de imprensa
l Tratamento aos terroristas
l Alimentos geneticamente modificados
l Corrupção
l Lavagem de dinheiro
l Trabalho infantil
l Gerência das florestas tropicais
• AIDS fora de controle
• 1% de todos os adultos vivos
• 50% dos adultos em alguns lugares da África têm
• India, China, Camboja, Vietnam, Russia, Ucrânia…
• Faz lembrar a lepra
• ACET prevenção em Uganda desde 1990David Kabiswa
• Os níveis de HIV caíram de 22% para 7% em UgandaA AIDS PODE SER PARADA
• Marketing ligado à causas
• 81% tende a comprar produtos ligados à “causas” com as quais se importam
• Sustainability
• Global Warming - facts
• Quem se preocupa com a estratégia?Isso realmente importa?
• Crise no propósito
• Os jovens brasileiros querem seguir os passos de seus pais?

• Companhias falam sobre
• Crescimento
• Lucros
• Valor dos
( + Consumidores…)
• Pessoas falam sobre…
• Necessidades próprias
• Família + amigos
• Comunidade
• Mundo mais amplo
• O slogan final
• Para individuos – suas próprias necessidades
• Para a família – pessoas perto de você
• Para a comunidade – vizinhança ou nação
• Para o Mundo todo – o bem de todos
• globalchange.com/ppt
• slides and videos

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