Monday, June 26, 2006

Evaluations for recent 2 day seminar on future trends / building a better business - for Barclays Bank / Absa Bank

Here are evaluations received this week from a two day Barclays Bank / Absa Bank programme for senior executives in Johannesburg last month. You will find the presentations on

And also


  • The team was fully engaged throughout the session.  He demonstrated a lot of maturity, interest and was amazingly knowledgeable.  He has taken me on a journey destined to assist me succeed in life as a global player.  He shared with great passion – ways that will assist us “Bankers of the Millennium”.  A big thank you for sharing Patrick with us.
  • When I saw the topic “Future Trends” I thought “here we go again, another futurologist”.  I was pleasantly surprised.  The ideas and issues that Dr Dixon covered were things that really matter and the humble way be presents made it even more powerful.
  • A great session.  Helped put future in context for our own business.  Challenges ahead explored together.  Good pace, great context, highly interactive.
  • Very good topics, nicely presented.  Participation was very good and questions helped a lot in re-thinking.
  • Great food for thought.
  • Exciting insight and opportunity to venture into the future both personally and in terms of the business.
  • Good delivery.  Team exercises kept us attentive.  
  • Patrick took us through the six faces of the future (i.e. fast - urban – universal and tribal – radical - ethical).  He provoked all participants to think outside the business strategy as there are a lot of opportunities if you look at the world in different ways.  The six faces were linked to scenarios for group discussions that helped us understand events that would have an impact on our businesses. 
  • The book (futurewise) gave a great insight into future trends.
  • Dr Dixon allowed lots of group work which helps in the learning process (learn by doing).
  • Learnt about the importance of emotion and innovation in our business and as leaders how we stay afloat in this ever changing world.
  • Brought home the issues very clearly and personally.  WIFM helps everyone to understand the stakes for each person and the organization if not making an effort to understand the future and use scenarios to prepare.
  • A great 2 days of insights.  The alignment between current success and legacy 80/20 were the most powerful.
  • Very interesting stuff on the future “stuff”.  Insight was very useful.  The scenario planning and strategizing was very useful.
  • Patrick, you have the gift of sharing your experiences, knowledge about issues that matter to both businesses and individuals like me.  Little did I know that your contribution would have such a big impact in my life.  You have done just that.
  • I learned a couple of very valuable concepts today that will help me a lot as a manager going forward.
  • Helped me think about my own values.  Committed to changing the way I do things to be more effective and connect more with my personal goals.
  • Excellent.  Again the way participation of the team was encouraged, very good.
  • Enjoyed the opportunity to apply concepts of success to personal life.
  • Learnings of 80:20 – assist in increasing efficiency and effectiveness back in the office.
  • Well delivered.  I enjoyed the work life balance session.
  • Patrick challenged us on our understanding of what each participant termed as personal successes and what our current successes were.  We had group discussions on war for talent and managing ourselves which provided a reality check of the resources we employ and to understand my inner being.
  • Great visual aids used.  Topic on leadership was for talent.  Marketing very, very well delivered, gave me huge tools to see myself well placed in the future world.
  • The 80:20 rule and how I can improve in the 20 to get 80% impact.  This was good in helping me increase my productivity and that of my team members.
  • More of the WIFM.  Understanding how I feel helps me to understand how my people feel.
  • Very useful insight.  This was really soul searching stuff.


You will find the presentations on

And also


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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Feedback on the Munich Re event

Feedback received today from a client belonging to a large insurance company in SE Asia who attended the Munich Re event.

Dear Patrick,

It was a delight and a highlight to make your acquaintance, and to listen to your paper, one of the best among the 8, if not the best, according to many of the participants. I found the discussions with you, albeit short just over the coffee break, both enlivening and enlightening.

Roger Roger (client)

To see slides of the event:

“The impact of technology, demographics and social trends on consumer behaviour, attitudes and insurance choices. Growth of insurance in economies like India. Wild cards and managing low probability, high impact risks. Rethinking life expectancy and why the actuarial tables are wrong.”

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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Outline of two presentations for Rexam

Here are outlines of two presentations I am giving soon for Rexam.


Futurewise – Six Faces of Global Change

Multimedia presentation on major issues which will deeply impact every family and every business.  The future of health, food and drink, ageing, relationships, technology, consumer behaviour, fashions, lifestyle choices, global government, world trade, emerging markets and megacities.  Personal and corporate survival in a rapidly changing world. Take hold of the future or the future will take hold of you.


Building a Better Business - The Future of Innovation, Management, Marketing and Motivation

Innovating for the future – how great companies create tomorrow’s history rather than just respond to trends.  Why people innovate and how to encourage it.  Innovative marketing in a digital, multi-channel world. Connecting with all the passions people have for a better life:  the $20,000 challenge and the secret of all effective management.


For more see



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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Creating Sustainable Enterprise

Here are the slides from the event on Creating Sustainable Enterprise I did today in the Lake District, UK, for Impact conference. Global trends impact on business. Big issues such as global warming and how organisations are responding. Cause-related marketing. How corporate values bring competitive advantage. Corporate and Social Responsibility, winning the war for talent, HR and leadership issues, workplace motivation.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

An insurance client looking for global trends presentation on global - local theme

The theme global - local is fundamental to just about every presentation I make.  Quite literally the centre piece.


You will recall that I structure future thinking around the word FUTURE -


F ast

U rban

T ribal

U niversal

R adical

E thical


The Universal face is about the globalised world.  The Tribal face is about local communities and issues.


As you know I work a lot with the insurance industry and clients in this sector include Aviva, Prudential, Allianz, Winterthur plus of course Munich Re and Swiss Re.


A place to start if they want to get a feel of some recent presentations would be the following link which will also give access to some of the insurance industry presentations I have done recently.


Also some background on how I like to work with organisations:


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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Future of Education - new video of NAIS presentation

I have just uploaded a new 56k Real Video version of the presentation for NAIS on the future of education. This is an addition to version for broadbank.

Video of Lecture for National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS in the US) on the future of education, training global citizens for tomorrow

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Brilliant conference venue in North London

The Grove just off the M25 near Harrow is a fascinating country house style hotel, with state of the art facilities for conferences.  I have spoken at events there a couple of times, including the Google Zeitgeist event a couple of weeks ago which was staged perfectly by Brand Fuel.


Venue selection is vital to all successful events, and there is usually no substitute for a personal visit.

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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Further comment on the Unisys client event

From: Goodfellow, Chris Sent: 07 June 2006 19:51
Dr Patrick Dixon
Smith, David A. (Global Future Forum)
Subject: Yesterday evening


On behalf of Unisys, I wanted to thank you for your excellent talk last night.

There has been a consistent theme to the comments from both our clients and the Unisys staff - “thought provoking” and “enjoyable”. I could not wish for anything more.

And from a business perspective it was also a great success – as exemplified by the comment from our business manager for Building Societies:

a most enjoyable event and a great environment to have some 1-2-1 discussion. I have received e-mail ‘thank you’ from ……….all of whom have asked for some further details on a number of propositions for taking into their organisations

Meanwhile, I think we are all working out how to get into the business of producing the age reversal pills!

Thank you.

Kind regards


Chris Goodfellow Marketing Manager Global Public Sector Unisys UK

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Friday, June 09, 2006

Nice comment following client event for Unisys this week


Just a quick note to say thanks for the invite to last nights dinner and presentation and to express my gratitude to you and the team for your splendid hospitality.

I thought Patrick's session was absolutely first rate - his energy, style and passion made this a most stimulating and thought provoking event for me

- which I will no doubt recount for some time to come.

Thanks again,

speak soon,


David M Clarke


Chief of Staff

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